• How Quora is different From Classifieds Website

    Quora is basically a question and answers website which offers users to ask question and other users to answer those questions who knows the answers. This is called a question answers website where yahoo answers are one of the top leading websites from all these. Answering questions is very good for increasing knowledge because most people who are knowledgeable often give answer and earn reputation on these websites. Most people who are studying in any school, college or university often use these websites to solve their problems and hard question which they are not able to solve by themselves.


    This is often known that giving advice to someone is very hard so these sites often help because most of the knowledgeable persons are here on these websites. If you will compare it with classifieds website you might notice that you are getting into a different topic which is completely different from question and answers. Free classifieds are also a term in the classifieds advertising industry which helps users to easily find free classifieds website where they could promote their business, buy sell goods, find jobs and service providers etc. The classified is some kind of advertising platform which helps promotors to easily promote their stuff.


    These are not a question and answer website, even through people promote websites on quora and yahoo because these websites get too much visitors every month so its very easy for all the people to easily get the traffic. Since posting on these platforms are very easy and free, anybody can create an account on quora, yahoo and classifieds websites to easily post question, answer and classifieds ads. Advertising is the most important thing these days because nobody can promote anything without advertising.


    Not only business owners promote stuff but in some ways people who have nothing to do with business or promotion use these types of classifieds websites to buy and sell used goods online. Suppose if you are looking for a bike, mobile, camera, tv or any thing else. You might first think to buy it from showroom or from stores a brand new but in some conditions you will have short money for your desire product but still you can buy new which is not your choice, in that particular case you will choose to purchase products which have been used by some other people. Classified websites often help people to buy and sell used stuff online.

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