• Top 5 Ways To Sell Old Mobile Phones Directly For Cash

    There are couple of different ways by which you can easily either exchange or sell your used mobile phone. Its very easy process to sell your old mobile and buy new one, in-fact everybody who often purchase or renew their mobile phone mode, often sell their used mobile phone to those who are willing to buy old one. In most cases the mobile phone hardly being used a year so its easy to sell out those types of less used mobile phones.

    But there is also a case where most people would like to sell their phone after few years of use or even more. In this case the phone can be sold but the selling price you will get will be less than the actual amount you might had expected. This is because you have used enough the phone so the phone might not run for long period of time.

    1.    Free classifieds website to sell used mobiles
    This is one of the most and successful way to sell your used mobile phone anywhere, whether you are in the same city where you purchased or in different city, these things don’t matter with used mobiles. On free classifieds websites you can easily buy and sell used mobiles online and it will not only give you expected price of your old device but also make your process much easier.

    2.    Sell your old phone to your friends and colleagues
    Selling your old phone to friends and colleagues is a good idea only when you know them better, because in most cases selling your known person would be disastrous. Your friends might have issue and they don’t tell you because they don’t want to break friendship with you which is why they will never tell you about the issue and also loose the trust on you.

    3.    Selling Old phone to Shopkeeper
    You can always sell your phone to shopkeeper but this will not give you an expected price that you are expecting, because the shopkeeper will buy from in a less price than selling one. The only good thing is that you don’t need to wait for any long time if you need urgent money and want to sell your phone then this is one of the fastest ways to sell any mobile.

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